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Traditional Japanese Karate & Swordsmanship
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About Higashi Ryu
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Higashi Ryu is a school of traditional Japanese martial arts taught by Sensei Fred East, 7th Dan Shitoryu Karate instructor and founder of Kenbudo Higashi Ryu, a form of Japanese Swordsmanship.


The dojos operating under Sensei East all teach a mixture of Shitoryu Karate, Kenbudo, Battojutsu, Kobudo and Kyusho. To find out more about the syllabus and instructors at our dojos in Weston-Super-Mare, Worle and Yatton - simply click the button below or view our gallery to see our instructors and students in action.

Syllabus Gallery


Shitoryu Karate teaches students to defend themselves against attackers using a combination of Strikes, take downs and throws.

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Kenbudo Higashi Ryu is based on traditional Japanese training methods to develop an effective and dynamic approach to combat.

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Kobudo is a weapons system that teaches students how to use traditional self-defense weapons such as the Bo staff, Nunchaku, and Sai.

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Students are taught the principals of Kyusho (Nerve Centre Striking) - the technique of manipulating pressure points in Karateka.

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Traditional skills and techniques

Real world applications

  • Young Samurai

    Training in Karate or
    Kenbudo isn't restricted
    to adults. Find out
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  • Training Camps

    Annual summer training
    camps on the Tors of
    Dartmoor (Gasshuku).
    View the gallery...


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  • Philosophies

    Martial Arts are more
    thank just self
    defense techniques.
    Discover how...
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  • Video Gallery

    A collection of video
    footage of the schools
    members. Click to
    watch here...


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Get in touch

Fred East  Chief Instructor and Founder
Higashi Ryu Kenbudo & Karate
(Weston-super-Mare), Karate & Sword

Tony Barber (Yatton), Karate Instructor
Mob: 07762725595

Matt Dancey (Worle), Karate, Sword & Young Samurai Instructor

Tel: 01934 261525
Mob: 07582 698100

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